Healthcare Innovation Challenge
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Science Tower,
Marconistraat 16, 3029 AK Rotterdam, Netherlands

Young Medical Delta organizes the Healthcare Innovation Challenge: a weekend-long event in which the fields of technology, design, entrepreneurship, health- and patient care are combined. The challenge is to find innovative technical solutions for sustainable healthcare, so we can keep providing healthcare for everyone that needs it. From programming to creating physical prototypes to proposing clinical procedures. Anything innovating can be used to find solutions to the big challenges that healthcare is currently facing. 

The Healthcare Innovation Challenge is for everyone who is interested in healthcare, informatics, ethics, design or any other aspect of solving healthcare problems. You can choose a case which you want to solve. At the end of the weekend the jury will give some prices away.

Unfortunately, we decided that the event will be postponed to 2021 due to the coronavirus. 




Coronavirus update

March 19, 2020

Unfortunately, we decided to postpone the Healthcare Innovation Challenge to 2021. We will keep you updated!


The registration for the Healthcare Innovation Challenge 2021 will be open soon. 
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Are you a health professional and is your company involved in healthcare? Do you have a case that needs to be solved? You can apply your case proposal HERE. To be able to process the request  we would like to ask you to fill in this form to get an impression of your case proposal. We would like to receive your case proposal saved as [COMPANYNAME]_Casus.pdf before Friday 21th of March 2020 18:00. You can send the proposal to with as email subject "Casusvoorstel HIC 2020". We will inform you before the 1st of April if your case is selected. 

This are the cases that have been revealed up to now. Keep an eye on this page to see the reveal of new cases!

Case 1

Will be announced soon

Case 2

Will be announced soon

Case 3

Will be announced soon





17:00 - 21:00

Walk-in & registration

Presentation of the cases

Sign up for case 


Bundle up with your team and case owners

Workshop : to be announced



Day opening & breakfast
Brainstorm session
Shark tank
Develop final concept




Workshop : to be announced

Teams pitch their ideas in front of the jury

Jury discussion & lunch

Announcement of the winner




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